Innovation in Asia: From outsourcing to R&D hubs

This panel tracks the rise of Asia as a key player in driving innovation across the globe. Asia has largely been used as an outsourcing hub with labor differentials and export-oriented incentives. This trend has reversed with Asia coming of age in to a major R&D hub for multiple global organizations. Not only is the discovery of Asia’s R&D talent fueled by the human resources but also by the development initiatives by the countries of that region. This panel explores the growth of Asian regions in to major R&D hubs which are leading the path for innovation worldwide.

Brian A. Wong, Vice President, Global Market Development,
Lora L. Feng, CEO/Founder, LFI Solutions, Inc.
Manish Maheshwari, GM & Global Business Head, txtWeb, Intuit
Jay Armstrong, Senior Director, GlaxoSmithKline
Moderator, William Haddad, Partner, Reed Smith

Alternative Investments in Asia: Over-valued yet attractive

This panel explores the alternative investments market in Asia spread across different investment asset classes and regions. Asia continues to be top on the choice for Limited Partners to deploy capital. The region has seen significant concerns around over-valuation and lack of depth in the market. Current concerns around the slow growth in the region have fueled worries that the party is over. However, many believe that the region has just come about and expect the market to mature. This panel explores the current trends in different investment regions across a variety of alternative asset classes.

William Uchimoto, Partner, Stevens Lee
Raymond J. Schleinkofer, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Verdis Investment Management
Linda Wong, Founder and Chairwoman, Yihai Group
Michael Gray, , Managing Member and Portfolio Manager, Shearer & Gray Investment Management LLC
Moderator, Yvan-Claude Pierre, Partner, Reed Smith